Get a Company for Pt6 Engine For Sale

Pt6 Engine is one of the most popular turboprop aircraft engines in history. The family of pt6 engine is known for its reliability with an in-flight shutdown rate of 1 per 333000 hours since 1963, 1 per 651,126 hours over 12 months in 2016.

In 1956 Ronald Riley proposes an idea to his engineer manager Dick Guthrie to establish a team who can invent a high turboprop engine & replace the piston engine. In 1958 team invent an engine intended to deliver 450shp. The first engine that was launched successfully was in February 1960.

The principle variation PT6A is accessible in a wide assortment of models, covering the power scope of 580shp to 920shp in a unique arrangement and 1940 shp in vast lines. The PT6A is in benefit with both the U.S. Flying Corps (MC-12W) and the U.S. Armed Force (C-12). The MC-12W and C-12 are military extraordinary mission airplane and predominantly give knowledge, observation, and surveillance (ISR). The C-12 is fueled by two PT6A-60A motors with 1,050 shp each.

Additionally, the PT6A is utilized on the T-6 Texan II military coach airship, which gives undergrad pilot preparing to the U.S. Aviation based armed forces and U.S. Naval force. The T-6 Texan II is controlled by a solitary PT6A-68 motor with 1,100 shp.

Over the years, new aerodynamic technologies have enabled the PT6A engine to gain more power without significantly increasing its size or weight. Other innovations have reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased maintenance intervals, and enhanced the ease-of-operation.

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